Property list Westmoreland

RL0275 Cousin Cove:
Lot 91 - Corner lot on the Lucea to Negril main road selling for US$100,000.00/60,000.

RL02285 Bluefields:
5 acre lot, elevation of 200 ft. - 300 ft. above sea level - good homestead for tranquil living.

RH0356 Negril:
9 acres of land with 700ft. of beach footage. Average depth 500ft. and is ideal for hotel development US$2.7M/1,620,000.

RH0357 Negril:
West End Road - 2 acres with sea footage, app/800ft., average depth 275 ft., ideal for resort development or small hotel US$525,000.00/315,000.

L0054 Robins River:
1 acre land with river and fruit trees US$34,334.00/20,600.

Loo76 Negril:
1.5 acres acres near the light house, off the west end.

L0077 Bluefields:
1/4 acre lot near sea front in developed residential area JA$1.5M/25,000.

L0078 Negril:
3 acres near light house off West end road US$60,000.00-US$70,000.00/ 36,000-42,000.

L00125 Negril:
3 3/4 acres with 300 ft. beach footage, along white sand beach between Beachcomber and Chances Restaurant perfect for development in the middle of the hot beach strip. US$1.6M/960,000