Welcome to the MiYard Chat server

Currently there are  people in the chat room,


When prompted enter the password*: breadsticks to join the chat.

Your web browser will automatically forward to the chat login page in 30 seconds,
CLICK HERE to proceed immediately.


This now a FLASH chat (it was formerly a JAVA chat), everything should work the same except FLASH PLAYER will be required to load this chat instead of JAVA. I believe you will be directed to the free FLASH PLAYER download automatically if you do not have it installed already, otherwise you can click the link below to get the free Flash Player from Macromedia.
I usually DESELECT the GOOGLE TOOLBAR option when installing the free players, it is not required and I do not want it, it is up to you if you want it or not, but YES is selected by default with the FLASH PLAYER download so please be aware... 


Usernames and passwords from the MiYard Message Board and the older chat room are NOT valid in this chat room. If you are notified that a password is required to use the name you have chosen then that name has already been taken and you must chose another. Once you have found a name that is available and have logged into the chat you can register that name by double clicking it in the column on the right, your chat name will then be password** protected and reserved for your use alone.

If you are having trouble logging into the chat please try to log in as Guest.

* This chat has been password protected to assure only visitors from MiYard.com can access it.
** Your user password is completely separate from the chat room password, if you have registered a username you will be prompted for your user password first, you will then be prompted to provide the chat room password.