Traditional Charm and Style

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Owner's house and guest cottages, located on the West End Road near the world famous, cliffside   "Rick's Café". 

This private property of 1/4 acre has three separate buildings set in a shady garden, cottage-style with traditional charm.  The main stucco house is complete with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a hall and kitchen, adjoined to a spacious dining area facing the back garden.

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The two wooden cottages come with separate outdoor bathrooms.  They are connected by a communal breakfast area.  There is a convenient outdoor kitchen for cooking or grilling.

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All houses are screened with fans and the main house is provided with grills. 

There are good washing facilities, with a washing machine and a stand-by water tank.  There is storage space and cable TV.

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The property is in excellent condition and connected to the sewage system.

It is ideal as a family home with housekeeping and guest quarters or a good opportunity for a small business.

The location also has easy disability access.  An excellent insurance policy is transferable.

Dumplins is for sale by it's owner with a registered title.

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Contact Information:

 Email:   or

       Phone - 876-957-4430 (Jamaica)  or  011-49-221-240-6982 (Germany)

P.O. Box 3070, Negril, Jamaica, WI.

Dumplins - Vacation in Negril, Jamaica.