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 7 miles of uninterrupted, white sand beach. With hotels, restaurants, and bars along its stretch.
 It is all very laid-back - some say anything goes.
 It has nightly Reggae Concerts every night of the week. This cannot be found anywhere else in Jamaica.
 It has very friendly people that are willing to help and offer directions and information.
 It has a lot of Rasta. Rastas are people of local religion that has become very popular internationally. Bob Marley is their most popular. He is the undisputed King of Reggae Music. The Rastas are unique to most tourists as they wear their hair very long in the "Dreadlocks Style".
- To the west of the 7-miles white sand beach are Cliffs. As you travel along the West End Road, rebrand One Love Drive, the Cliffs rise and continue to rise. The most famous place on The Cliffs are Ricks Cafe. Lighthouse and Mi Yard. Rick's it is said is located at the furthest point west. Main attractions at Rick's are the beautiful cliffs that nature has carved out in a unique way, diving atop of the cliff rocks and atop of trees as tall as 30ft.The Cliffs has many caves and skydiving points. The Lighthouse was built in 1894 by the French. It is a very popular tourist attraction. It is said by locals that on a very clear day one can see Cuba from the top of the Lighthouse. Mi Yard is popular for authentic Jamaican food, music and the fact that we are open 24/7.There are centers for big concerts. Many great Restaurants and bars are there too.
- Other Fun stuff: Horseback Riding , Picnicking on nearby islands, Fishing, Glass bottom boat rides, Scuba diving, golfing, Bird watching, Cycle Racing, Wonderful Craft Works to view, Night Clubs, Nude Section on the Beach, Hair braiding, massage etc.

Below is a virtual walkthrough of the One Love Drive. Starting from the Lighthouse to the Negril Town Center. We are plan to improve this walkthrough and so some three sixty of each property.. Also we plan to do the Beach Road similarly.

Part1 http://youtu.be/AM5jTaCPMQw

Part2 http://youtu.be/ZEcUZfN8GuY


Negril Beach
Negril Beach
Negril Beach

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