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Information and Advice

For your protection, swimming areas are marked off by buoys. Motorized sports are not allowed in these areas. Stay out of the sea during lightening storms. Do not stand on the cliffs or swim near them during rough seas.

Do not purchase, sell, or use illegal drugs.

Use a protective sunscreen and slowly tan. Don't forget that this is the tropics.

Avoid changing money on the streets. All major international currency can be converted to local money. Most businesses will accept your Travelers Cheques and money.

Motor vehicles and bikes
Wear your seat-belts while driving and helmet while riding motorcycles. It is illegal to ride or drive without them.

Jamaica is approximately 18 degrees north of the equator. Consequently, the climate is warm all year round. The average daily temperature is 26.2 Celsius (79.2f).

Water is good and drinkable from the taps but lots of spring water or bottled water is available in supermarkets and shops.

Electrical current in Jamaica is 110 volts, 50 cycles.

A public library is situated on Lighthouse Road next to Negril all-age School. Visitors may borrow books during their stay in Negril by making a refundable deposit. Visitors are also welcome to donate books.

A modern police station is located on the main road toward Sav-la mar. The locals call it "hotel". Tel: 876-957-4268.

Post Office
There is a Post Office on the Lighthouse Road. It is just before Kings Plaza and Sunshine Village. The opening hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Medical Services
The Government Clinic is situated on the road to Sav-La Mar, near the gas station. Private doctors are available at the White Swans Plaza, The Plaza de Negril, and at the Negril Minor Emergencies Clinic on beach road. The general hospitals are about 20 miles away; one in Sav-la Mar and the other in Lucea.

Fire Station
A fire station is on the road to Sav-la Mar . It also operates an Emergency Medical Service. Tel: 876-957-4242.

Embassies and Consulates

Ecuador Tel# 876-929-5861
Bangladesh  Tel# 876-923-8922-7
Barbados Tel# 876-925-9263
Belgium  Tel# 876-924-1761
Belize Tel# 876-920-7908
Argentina Tel# 876 926-5588
Russian Federation Tel# 876-924-1048
Trinidad and Tobago Tel# 876-926-5730
India  Tel# 876-927-0486
Honduras  Tel# 876-969-5082
USA Tel# 876-929-4850-8
Cuba Tel# 876-978-0931-3
Colombia Tel# 876-929-1701-2
Israel Tel# 876-922-6670
Yugoslavia Tel# 876-060-1750
Uruguay Tel# 876-960-4227
Turkey  Tel# 876-927-6176-7
Switzerland Tel# 876-978-7857
Finland Tel# 876-929-4392
Guatemala Tel# 876-926-1180
Grenada Tel# 876-926-4933
Sweden Tel#876-978-5121
Suriname Tel# 876-929-1040
St. Kitts and Nevis Tel# 876-4858
Japan Tel# 876-929-7534
Haiti  Tel# 876-927-7595
Chile  Tel# 876-968-0260
Peru Tel# 876-931-7442
Mexico Tel# 876-926-6891
China  Tel# 876-927-3871
Korea Tel# 876-929-3035
Brazil Tel# 876-929-8607
Panama Tel# 876-978-1953
Costa Rica Tel# 876-927-5588
Canada Tel# 876-926-1500-7
Guyana Tel# 876-968-5983
Jordan Tel# 876-928-2661
Liberia Tel# 876-978-2806
Netherlands Tel#876-968-2544-5
Venezuela Tel# 876-926-5510
Norway Tel# 876-923-4811-3
Poland Tel# 876-927-6306
Germany Tel# 876-926-6728
Nigeria Tel# 876-926-6400
Italy Tel# 876-978-1273-4
Dominican Rep.  Tel# 876-924-3798
Austria Tel# 876-929-5259
EEC Tel# 876-924-6723
Spain Tel# 876-929-6710
Briton Tel# 876-926-9050


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